Sweatpants and tears: a freelance ode

It is currently 1:29 p.m. EST on a Thursday and I am wearing a hoodie and track pants.

This is pretty much what I imagined freelance life would be like when I first started selling pieces four years ago. But beyond wardrobe, I was ill-prepared for pretty much every other facet of this career path/lifestyle.

Much ink has been spilled about the bad state of print media's finances. Not enough has been written about the day-to-day effects of those hard times for journalists. When I was in j-school, nobody told me about living contract-to-contract, digging up a few hundred bucks here and there to make ends meet. I was given the basics on how to pitch and invoice but not much instruction on how to develop a niche, what kind of stories pay the best, what to do on those weeks when inspiration is lacking and assignments have dried up.

That's what I'm hoping to shed light on in this blog. Maybe some journalism students will find it enlightening, or maybe the 9-5 crew just needs some reassurance that working from home isn't always a party.

If I get bored, I'll still touch on some personal interests (I hope you like hockey and 90s-era Canadian alt-rock!).

But mostly, it'll be sweatpants and tears. Welcome to freelance in 2015.